Plastic Dolly Trolley

ABC Plastics Dolly Trolley

Hygienic plastic platform dolly trolley, ideal for moving crates and boxes around in warehouses, pack houses and storefronts.

The light weight makes it easy to carry. The trolley has a loading capacity of 300 kg and can be stacked on top of each other. Manufactured from durable plastic the trolley can be clipped together from all 4 sides to make a bigger trolley if needed.

Plastic Dolly Trolley Blue
Dolley Trolley ZA - Easy to Carry - Light Weight
  • Durable Blue Plastic Trolley
  • Strong Plastic Construction
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Grab handles for easy lifting
  • 300 kg Loading Capacity
  • Portable – Easy to carry
  • Light Weight (2kg)
  • Size – 60cm(L) x 40cm(W)x14cm(H)
  • Price R875-00 for ONE Plastic Trolley
  • Can be easily combined into 2 or more units – from all 4 sides!
  • 4x Dolly Trolleys Special :
  • Normal Price R3500-00 – Special R3150-00 for 4!!
Dolley Trolley Plastic Easy Connection -Connect 2 or more other trolleys to make a larger trolley!
Dolly Trolley Plastic
3 Trolleys Connected in a Row
3 Trolleys Connected in a Row
3 Trolleys Connected
4 Dolly Trolleys  Connected
4 Trolleys Connected

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