Dip Moulding

Dip Moulding

PVC Dip Moulding  or Plastisol Dipmoulding is a process where aluminium dyes are dipped into a liquid PVC plastisol that forms a layer on the dye (the inside of the moulding). After being cured the component is ejected out with compressed air.

Dip moulding Bellows
Dipmoulding Bellows

Flexiable Pvc Bellows – custom made plastisol bellows – any quantity !

Advantages of PVC Plastisol Dipmoulding :

  • Easy and inexpensive tooling
  • Glossy seam free finish
  •  Current Insolation!
  • Short lead times
  • Complex shape coating
Tow Hitch & Tow Ball Cover
Tow Hitch, Tow Ball, Bullbar & Socket Cover

Shore Hardness:

We are able to dipmould components with a Shore A hardness between 55 and 95.

Dipmoulding Durban
Dip moulding – Hand Grip Range

PVC Dipmoulding Components:

We manufacture Pvc Plastisol Dip moulded products such as Bellows, Pvc Protection Covers, Shrouds, Plastic Tube End Caps, Pvc Cable Glands, Hand Grips, Dust Caps, Tow-hitch covers, Drink Can Holder, Battery Connectors, Cable Protectors, Cable Gland, Cable Shroud Protector, Pvc Pen Holder, Pvc Spreader Boot, Pvc Insulation Shrouds, Pvc Bellows, Pvc Sleeves, Can Holders to any type of Flexible Cover.

Dip Moulding Components South Africa
Dip Moulded Components
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