Nut Cap

Bolt Cover or Plastic Nut Cap

Plastic Injection Moulded Nut Cap – Abc Plastics injection moulds a range of Plastic Nut Caps and Bolt Covers.

Protection cap for hexagon nuts. Snap-on Bolt and Nut Protection Caps are supplied in a wide range of sizes.  Nut Caps and Bolt Cover Caps provide a neat finish to hex nuts. Push fit. Ideal for covering exposed nuts and bolts offering a safe and professional finish. Also commonly known as Nut Protection Caps, Bolts Caps and Plastic Caps.

We offer the following Nut Cap Sizes :

  • M4 Nut Cap / Bolt Cover
  • M5 Nut Cap / Bolt Cover
  • M6 Nut Cap / Bolt Cover
  • M8 Nut Cap / Bolt Cover
  • M10 Nut Cap / Bolt Cover

Bolt and Nut Caps are made of low density polyethylene and are specifically designed as protective caps to fit snugly over bolts and nuts. The above range of sizes in are available either black or white colours.

Applications : bolt and nut caps are an excellent protective cap on play equipment, furniture, display stands and machinery. Bolt and nut caps are also an excellent protection against weathering and rust.