Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection Moulding

Our largest in-house service is Precision Injection Moulding where our Department boasts 8 machines, (ranging from 20 to 250 tons).

We do in-house and custom moulding at competitive rates. Working with industries like automotive, appliance, furniture, medical, packaging, engineering ,beverage, cosmetic and paper industries all over South Africa, we have considerable experience with materials such as ABS, Polypropylene , Polyethylene to more complex ones like Nylon, Eva and PVC.

We are proud to be approved suppliers to Whirlpool Sa, SA Breweries, Defy SA, Frame SA, Sappi Fine Pape , Bell Equipment,  and many more.

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Range of products :

Furniture Inserts and Levelling Feet, Plastic Nut Caps, Kidneybowl Dish , Core Plugs and Core Bungs , Scrapers, 1l Lunch box (1l storage container), Plastic End Caps , Inserts and Protection Covers.

Download the video to view the plastic 25mm insert being ejected out of the injection mould.

Injection Moulding Process :

Plastic pellets are fed from the hopper and melted in the screw barrel ready to be injected into the mould.
Melted Plastic is injected into the mould – plastic is cooled by cold water flowing through mould – mould opens and formed product is ejected.